A wonderful night in Rome. Featuring Catrinel and her bow-tie :-)

A wonderful night in Rome. Featuring Catrinel and her bow-tie :-)

I attended a few days ago an important event in the heart of beautiful Rome: The NIAF Awards 2016. The Dinner gala, a black tie event, has been held at the Acquario Romano, a magnificent old castle, actual headquarters of the Italian Architects…


I’ve been invited by my good friend Catrinel Menghia (known as Marlon in Italia, where she’s a famous model and an en-vogue emerging actress) and we spent there a beautiful evening together with friends.
The National Italian American Foundation (NAIF) is the largest representative of more than 20 million citizens of Italian-Americans living in the United States. The two most important objectives that the NIAF aims are to ensure that Italian-Americans continue to keep always alive the rich heritage of their values ​​and cultural traditions, and to make sure that the whole community will not forget the great contribution Italians have made to the history and progress of the United States.


We were seated near our friendly host Andreea Delfini, the Vice-President of NIAF and the Chairman of NERO Hotels, a chain with some of the finest hotels in Italy. Besides that, Delfini leads also as  CEO the Blastness company, which is taking care of the systems, services, consultancy and know-how for more than 600 Italian hotels. (I thought to myself I just wish one day Delfini would have a look at the wonderful but ruined, jewels long time ago, hotels from our Black Sea Romanian Coast)…


I have to apologize for my improper attire, it’s Catrinel’s fault she didn’t let me know earlier about the event, otherwise I would have prepared better… 🙂  Just kiddin’, I’ve been in Rome just for 2 days for a football match, so no smoking with me 🙂

But after some glasses of champagne and red wine, nobody cared about dress code, but feeling good…


Beautiful Catrinel, in an astonishing-looking black tie suit, succeeded to keep unmoved her bow tie 🙂 and had a major contribution in having a relaxed, friendly and funny atmosphere at our table, during the Awards Dinner Gala. I can’t wait to see her newest  movies to come and hope one day maybe we can give her lot of big applause in some Romanian theatres also…



In the meantime, I went back home with memories of a beautiful night, magnificent place and wonderful people to spend time with… Grazie Cat… 🙂