New aviation book launched by a Romanian woman pilot!

New aviation book launched by a Romanian woman pilot!

Even if I am not a pilot, I am a really aviation lover and I enjoy to fly a lot and to experience every part of a flight. I have never counted, but I think I have flown more than 1.000.000 kilometers, traveling in almost 90 countries.

So I always feel excited when I meet people sharing the same passion, like my Romanian friend and pilot Betty Filip. She is one of the very few Romanian women pilots and I look forward for the day I will have the opportunity to fly with her.

We used to be for years colleagues in media, we worked together in television, and now, while I remained in the same field, presenting also public events and conferences, she has changed completely her career, passing from TV to aviation.

Unfortunately, as the pandemic keeps the industry of aviation down, professionals in this field must go on with the situation and my friend Betty used her free time to write a very interesting book and launched an website, which I will let her introduce them both to you with her words. I will definitely be one of the first readers.

“I have created this book for motivated people like me, who worked hard to achieve their goals, never giving up when encountering setbacks. This is a book created for pilots, but also a guide for passengers who love to travel and want to be always informed. We breathe a sigh of relief after a difficult year – 2020. It was a year in which we were all tried to balance numerous factors: mental, social, financial, professional, and family life.

 We invite you to read the book ”Aviation Journey for Smart People”, .

By means of it, we share information about how to prepare for the Aviation InterviewsHuman ResourcesGroup Exercises, Body Language, Pilot Aptitude Test with explanations, and suggestions for solutions. We offer a series of 250 Technical Questions and Answers (Feedback from pilots), Simulator Preparation, Charts Briefing, carefully selected from company manuals, which assessors use in all aviation interviews. In the second part, we invite you to the magical world of the cockpit at 10,000 m to discover the secrets of aviation. On the website you can practice Quiz from Boeing 737 and Airbus 321, and you can access CBT training for pilots, Aviation & Space Psychology Quiz and Game, CRM & Personality Questionnaire, Lottery, Ebook, and Video Book.” 

So I just hope she will be succesfull with this project and wish her good luck!