flydubai. Heaven in the sky

flydubai. Heaven in the sky

It’s like I don’t even remember how fast 10 years have passed since I was learning about the good news that Bucharest is finally connected with direct flights to Dubai. 10 years have passed since the arrival of flydubai ( in Romania and today flydubai (which in the meantime is flying in 113 destinations in 53 countries) operates two daily direct flights from our capital to Dubai. The even better news is that these flights are operated with the flagship of the fleet, the new and ultra-sophisticated Boeing 737 MAX.

Ascending aircraft on a clear day

I admit that I had not flown with this model to Dubai before but the recent flights I had were truly an experience beyond all my expectations… Which is why I will also tell you how business travel is like on board this flydubai aircraft…

I used to have, previously, a kind of preconceived idea, about narrow body planes (those with a single aisle in the middle), where Business class does not differ too much from economy class, as in terms of comfort, thinking for example of the big airlines in Europe, where the seats are exactly the same, but with the Business seat in the middle left free.

A completely full flat bed

Well, I discovered on the 737 MAX operated by flydubai probably the best Business Class in the world on a narrow body aircraft.

In fact, not even on the wide body planes, the huge ones, I don’t think I’ve seen a single seat on a row, basically the configuration is 1 – aisle – 1, which gives you space and privacy like I’ve never seen before. And I’ve experienced Business Class on almost every major airline, so I know what I’m talking about…

Beyond the very generous personal space, the armchair also has a lot of storage spaces, a private lighting system and a complete electronic control of the seat position, which can transform from a simple command into a real bed, full – flat, completely horizontal and 2 meters long.

The video system contains a lot of options, from the interactive map, to games, music, numerous movies, etc., all controlled by a remote control from which you also have access to the lights.

Good meal and a heaven sleep

About the quality of service on board I can only say that it is perfect, you are served even before taking off with champagne, fruit juices and hot towels, after which you receive the drinks and food menus. For drinks you have a very wide range of options, including freshly made Nesspresso coffee, and for the food menu you can choose various dishes, prepared by experienced chefs. I opted for a grilled chicken with truffle and broccoli, a fresh corn salad and some delicious profiteroles at the end.
After the meal, a flight attendant prepares your bed, you receive a fluffy blanket and pillow, so you can sleep peacefully until your destination. 
After the morning snack and a refresh with fruit juices, we prepare for landing. The same as at departure, from the terminal to the plane and vice versa, you are transported by a special minibus, reserved exclusively for Business passengers, who also have a priority lane, for quick access to the control and baggage areas.
Overall, I was extremely surprised by this first experience aboard flydubai's 737 MAX (the aircraft that recently flew to Doha the Argentina's soccer team at the World Cup), so I can't wait to return.