Istanbul, the perfect stopover: Miles & Smiles Lounge

Istanbul, the perfect stopover: Miles & Smiles Lounge

Whenever I fly with Turkish Airlines to another continent, I want my stopover in Istanbul to be as long as possible, not as short as possible 🙂 . So I can fully enjoy the lounge at Istanbul airport, which I consider one of the best in the world.

I also stopped here some days ago, at the Miles & Smiles Turkish Airlines Lounge for a few hours before continuing my journey to Amman. And like every time, I was impressed by how varied and rich the range of services you get here is. And the hospitality of the staff, of course.

First of all, the area is impressive, over 120,000 sq m, which means that at no time it feels crowded and you can always find a place to relax on the many white, leather sofas.

Or, if you prefer a quieter area, I’d recommend the library space, where you have comfy armchairs, a traditional tea station and a small bar with fruit and natural juices.

If you want to stay connected to current affairs, you have the TV area, with plenty of screens showing the main news channels, and if you’re with children you can leave them to play in the playground area, dedicated to them.

But one of the lounge’s greatest assets is the food. Here you’ll find all kind of hot local specialities, from Turkish grills to moussaka or warm pida, a varied salad bar, or for those in a hurry hot sandwiches or bagels, and another traditional local spot with the famous fresh ayran.

Of course, the sweets corner is also impressive, with all kinds of baclavalles and other traditional turkish delights and desserts.

You can’t miss a good Turkish coffee at the end, and if you still have time, I recommend the quiet lounge area for a complete rest.

So, if you have a stop over in Istanbul, for sure the Miles and Smiles lounge is the perfect solution.